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the GATHERING inspires collaboration


Charity Benefit for Cirque du Monde

Christina Courtin, Carlito Delceggio and Juliette Powell are collaborating on a silent auction and charity benefit to be held in New York City on May 25th, 2005. Cirque du Monde is a non-profit organization set up by the Cirque du Soleil that comes to the aid of at risk youth by teaching them life skills to survive.


The Human Web TV docu-series

Juliette Powell, Nora Kevorkian, Miriel Robidoux, Richard Vandentillart and Jacques Marcotte collaborated to produce a TV pilot for a docu-series called the Human Web. The main purpose of the series is to explore different cultures in the world from the perspectives of a physicist, a documentary filmmaker, an anthropologist, a singer and a journalist. The pilot was shot in the US, Canada, Italy and in turkey. The Human Web TV pilot is currently in its post-production phase.

“re:think media”

Ari Wallach and Juliette Powell are collaborating in the production of a TV pilot called "re: think", currently in pre-production. Since the last Gathering, Ari created a new company called "re:think media".


Tour with YoYo Ma

Presenter Johnny Gandelsman is currently on a world tour as 1st violinist for renowned cellist Yoyo Ma.

Technology and Media

The Virtual Content Network

Ari Wallach, John Girard, Astro Teller and Juliette Powell are collaborating on the development and financing of an innovative model for television content distribution.