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What happens at the GATHERING?

Each event has 30-50 participants. It is informal by design, though every effort is made to ensure that all of the right elements are in place so that the magic will unfold of its own accord. Uninterrupted time in a quiet and interesting physical space with the right “gear” (displays, computers, sound system) is a must, as is a steady supply of food and drink.

But most of all, the event is built on remarkable people. With incredibly varied backgrounds and interests, the common link that binds participants is not a particular field of study nor an industry, but passion and the persistence to carry their ideas through to completion. The diversity of the group means that industry and discipline specific patter disappears as participants exercise underutilized muscles to meet one another on neutral ground.The event itself is an experience that develops its own unique qualities and rhythms every year based on the mix of participants. At each event, most participants have a chance to spend 20 minutes in front of the whole group describing a passion in whatever way they choose. The stories are rich and inspiring, and capture the gamut of the human experience from the simple joy of the every day to the “wow” of the deeply profound.